In The Community


In 2017, with support from the Metropolitan Police Department, I created MyPD. MyPD is district-wide program aimed at elevating youth voice in an effort to improve police and community relations.

MyPD aims to provide a safe, structured way for youth and their police officers to come together, speak openly, and gain mutual understanding of community issues. I believe, strongly, that student engagement improves youth-police relations, which in turn build stronger communities.

Leaders must be Readers

Each month, I invite local business leaders and city officials to classrooms in South East to highlight the importance of literacy. Leaders Must Be Leaders aims to expose students to positive role models while reinforcing the idea that reading is a lifelong exercise.

Graduation Walk

In 2017, I coordinated the city’s first graduation walk to celebrate and inspire students in schools where it is most needed. Seeking to shine a positive light on academic institutions as well as the scores of dedicated staff who work tirelessly on behalf of their students.