Education + Jobs + Legacy Housing = Equitable DC

“Strengthening traditional public schools is a priority for Holmes” - Washington  Post

“...he will work to keep longtime residents in the city” - The Afro

“views of the issue [are] fairly grounded in economics.” - Greater Greater Washington


Globally Competitive Neighborhood Schools

Government via desegregation, busing and school choice have, for far too long, sanctioned the idea that one must leave their neighborhood to get a good education. Our children deserve access to a high quality education at a neighborhood school within walking distance of their home. Instituting and investing in a culturally responsive curriculum rooted in the strengths of children, 80% of whom are black and brown, is my top priority.


Prioritize District Residents in the Job Market

Global demand for local jobs has resulted in far too many district residents losing out on opportunities to advance their careers to people who do not live in the district. Incentivizing the hire of District residents prevents tax leakage and combats underemployment, thus expanding opportunities for the unemployed. We can economically defend poulations against gentrification by expanding access to opportunity.

Legacy Housing

3X Affordable Housing

In recent years private development has exclusively produced high end residential housing, which is incongruent with the District’s aim of inclusive development. The private market, at present, is incapable of servicing everyone and government must act. My Legacy Housing Program will increase the city’s affordable housing stock while actively working to drive down the cost of housing in the district rental market.